What Is The Difference Between A Hotel And motel?

A motel isn't only a place where you can sleep overnight, with lots of parking space and easy access from a main road. Many motels even feature rooms with multiple entrances, into a large open parking lot. A motel can be quite similar to a hotel. Today, motels continue to be directed at travelers who want a more casual remain, or a more luxurious option. They have all the same features as hotels, such as room service, but occasionally have added options.

1 option a motel can provide is air conditioning. There is generally a fantastic selection of ac units available on the market today. These units can be hooked up to your vehicle's air conditioner system, or they can be installed directly into the motel property. Air conditioners can make a motel considerably warmer than indoor facilities. Another option for motel room amenities would be to add televisions. Many have managed to incorporate high definition televisions for their rooms to make them more appealing to visitors.

Motel receptionists may also be helpful. Some motels will offer a live receptionist by the parking lot to greet you upon your arrival. This individual can help with any questions you may have and help you find your way around the motel. 송파op Many motels still offer the traditional desk phone with receptionists. This is a wonderful feature if you don't mind waiting for someone to respond to your calls.

Of course, not everything in a motel will be like everything you would find in a holiday inn. If you really want to get the most for your money when it comes to staying in a motel, you need to pay attention to some of the smaller details. Here are some of the main differences between a hotel and a motel:

The spelling of the title is somewhat different between a motel and a hotel. Inn comes from the French word"innis" and resort from the English word"resort". The spelling of motel may be affected by the etymology of this name. In years past, the motel was known as the"invention hotel" due to its innovations, such as elevators, coffee shops, and indoor pools. The name might be influenced by the etymology of this word, which originates from the Greek word"torne", meaning hill or mountain.

Parking is generally available in the form of"cover parking". When parking at a motel, one need only exit the premises through the main entrance. They do not need to leave through an exit driveway. Surprisingly, in comparison to hotels, motel accommodation does not offer you a complimentary car valet service or use any valet parking facilities. This might be in part due to how the word motel originated from the term practice, which meant parking and relieve oneself.

Hotels can have better amenities than motels. Most offer room service and therefore are more often equipped with dining and entertainment choices. A holiday inn on the other hand, may offer a room service but it might also have less recreational or entertainment activities. If you're planning a visit to the hills, you may want to consider staying in a holiday inn instead of a motel in the mountains. Motels are generally located in more remote areas, whereas vacation inns are more centrally located and close to shopping, dining, and shopping districts.

Another main difference is the property amenities. Motels provide full room service while holiday inns generally don't. Motels do not usually offer a continental breakfast unless the room service includes it. Holiday inns usually offer an assortment of continental breakfast options including toast, bacon, fresh fruit, cereal, and yogurt. They also will provide many different room service choices such as a continental or non continental breakfast, a yogurt parlor, a snack bar, and a coffee shop or mini cafeteria.

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